Household appliances
F&D household appliance bearing can meet the requirements of low noise, and it has the advantages of maintaining long-term silence and environmental protection. It is very suitable for supporting household appliances, such as range hood, ceiling fan, washing machine, refrigerator and so on. At present, F&D bearings have been successfully serviced with GREE, SAMSUNG, HAIER and other enterprises.
Industrial motor
F&D, CBB bearing supporting rectifier motor, one-way AC induction motor, advanced motor, industrial motor, generator, etc.
In the field of industrial motor service, the key to maintain the advantage and win the trust of customers is to have high quality and the ability to give solutions. To cooperate with FUDA and share our high-quality resources, its quality has been recognized by many partners; The bearings with excellent design and advanced technology which could provide the system solution and high-quality service to customers.
Power tool
Bearings are mainly used to support and reduce friction in the motor, so the accuracy and noise of bearings are directly related to the application and lifespan of bearings, industrial motors, generators, servo motors and other products are using deep groove ball bearings, We provide products which have great supporting experience to meet customer requirements.
Textile machinery
F&D, CBB bearings are widely used in textile machinery and equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, carding machinery and equipment, non-woven weaving machinery and equipment, etc., mature technology application, can provide users with system solutions.
Construction machinery
Construction machinery includes pavement machinery, lifting machinery, pumping machinery, etc. whose working characteristics are heavy load, low speed and high safety margin, which puts forward high requirements for the reliability of deep groove ball bearings.
Automobile parts and assemblies that use F&D bearings include: engine, generator, water pump, clutch, transmission, differential, steering gear, air conditioner, etc. The main bearing type is small deep groove ball bearing, accounting for about 27% of the total automobile bearing consumption. Its function in the engine is center positioning. Bear the pressure and gravity, make the axis parallel, wheelbase positioning, reduce friction, so that the engine at different speeds, different loads, different temperature under the condition of safe, normal and durable operation.
Motorcycle F&D bearings through low conflict and low vibration to complete smooth wreathing and durability to ensure motorcycle fuel consumption and insurance, starting machine and variable speed installation of F&D bearings, with strong foreign body resistance and high rigidity and temporary durability and thermal solution skills, can complete high precision bearing external specification optimization skills and high sealing. Generally, single row F&D ball bearings, high and low temperature grease resistance, high precision, high speed and durable, long service life, simple and practical design.
Sports equipment
Fitness equipment includes treadmill, massage chair, stationary bike, motor, etc., mainly with low noise, vibration load, high torque and other related requirements. FUDA has a very mature application technology in the fitness equipment industry, and can provide users with solutions.
Agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery including combine harvester, tractor, planter, transplanter, tillage machine, etc., the working environment is harsh, dust, mud more, idle farming time is long, the limit speed is usually not high, but the bearing sealing performance requirements are very high. In order to meet the requirements of harsh working conditions, FUDA can provide all kinds of deep groove ball bearings and technical solutions.