Technical research and development

Since 2008, Fuda Bearing Corporation has set up a technology research and development center. Through introduction and internal training, it has set up a team of high-end talents integrating product research and development and manufacturing, To ensure that the product design, production process and application advantages are at the leading level in the industry. The technology research and development center has set up a precision measurement room, mechanics laboratory, life laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory and other laboratory, continuous testing and verification of bearing design, manufacturing and application, improve product quality and manufacturing process level. Through communication and collaborative development with customers, the R&D center has cultivated an excellent product application and service team, dedicated to provide customers with technical support and service, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Material testing laboratory: The main steel chemical composition spectrum analysis, material hardness, metallographic structure, high and low size structure analysis, non-metallic inclusion, carbide detection, etc.
| Quality assurance

Fuda Bearing Corporation maintains a good development momentum in the manufacturing of bearing steel pipe. Since 2009, the production capacity has exceeded 40,000 tons. The outer diameter of steel pipe is 14mm-110mm, and the wall thickness is 1.8mm-15mm. In order to meet the actual requirements of middle and high-end customers, the quality of all raw materials used is above PA12 level to ensure the high quality level from the source. 100% turbine inspection is carried out on the outgoing steel pipe, which greatly improves the quality of steel pipe and wins the opportunity to occupy the market.

In order to ensure the production of high quality products and become the industry leader, Fuda Corporation through the establishment of technology research and development center, including mechanical test, life test, physical and chemical test and other laboratories, and equipped with advanced precision measuring instruments and equipment and employing various professionals in the field, through the continuous transformation of technology, excellence, Committed to improving the level of manufacturing and product accuracy.


Advanced testing equipment

order to lead the company to the advanced level of the world, the company attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the enterprise. The company spare no effort to invest in scientific and technological talents, technology and advanced equipment, and continue to provide and create excellent conditions and platforms for scientific research and production talents to improve the technical level and produce high-quality products. The company has been equipped with a large number of the world's advanced level of testing and measuring instruments and equipment, to ensure that the quality of products can reach the world's advanced level.


Fully automated production equipments

The production workshop has introduced a series of domestic and foreign advanced CNC, grinding and assembly equipment, the use of centralized filtration and cooling systems, and with the production equipment manufacturers to jointly develop with independent intellectual property rights of grinding, superfinishing, assembly automatic line. The precision of product can be meet the P5 or above, precision of the noise over Z4, V4. And some projects more than 30% precision reserve.

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