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Talent introduction project

Fuda Bearing Group attaches great importance to talent introduction, and has established school-enterprise cooperative relations with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ningbo University, Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan University of Technology, Hunan Institute of Engineering, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Hunan University of Technology, Nanyang Technician College, Nanzheng Vocational Education Center, and established a joint class with Nanyang Technician College.

Talent training project

The Professional Skills Appraisal Training Center of Fuda Bearing Group was established in June 2022. It focuses on carrying out professional skills level training for employees within the Group. Courses are taught by the internal lecturer team composed of senior engineers of the Group, and after passing the examination, they become skilled employees of Fuda Group.

Talent incentive project

Fuda regards every employee as a valuable asset to the company. The company publicly promises to treat every employee fairly and equitably. As long as you have as much ability as possible, the company will provide you with a large stage. Positions by competition , income by contribution. The dynamic management of positions and duties provides a broad space for outstanding talents to stand out. More than 90% of the people in charge of more than 10 subordinate enterprises of Fuda have grown up step by step from the front line.

Talent selection project

Fuda not only adheres to the principle of both virtue and talent, fairness and justice, competition and merit, but also insists on the principle of fairness, justice and contribution in the distribution, reward, honor and treatment. Both look at diligence and merit, who has made a big contribution to the enterprise, who will enjoy more honor, who will get more benefits.

Talent retention project

Fuda has introduced the implementation measures of caring for employees, stipulating that employees should be congratulated in time on their birthdays, visited and condoled in time when they are hospitalized, and cared for in time when they have difficulties ...... Leaders at all levels of the enterprise also regularly hold staff communication meetings to listen to their opinions and suggestions, often talk with employees, make friends, and care about the growth and progress of employees.

Fuda Yun (Online) University

Founded in 2014, Fuda Yun University is open to all employees of the group through online education, allowing them to learn and improve themselves while working, and encouraging them to improve their academic qualifications.

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