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Enterprise vision

Strive to be the future transmission leader

Enterprise mission

To build a happy enterprise and benefit the human society (pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, and make contributions to the progress and development of human beings and society), Fuda takes this as its business purpose.

Business Philosophy

Hou De Zai Fu -- Learn to be grateful, learn to often read and reflect on yourself Da Cheng Shen Xin -- Good faith moves customers, good faith rewards the enterprise, good faith embraces the society. Jing Gong Xi Zuo -- To constantly surpass oneself, to constantly hone for perfection, to constantly refine your mind and carve a clear conscience. Ke Ji Zhen Shan -- Human beings rely on science to progress, industries rely on science and technology to upgrade, enterprises rely on innovation to become strong.

Enterprise training

Internal pursuit, altruism, integrity, win-win

Turn inward and examine yourself when you encounter difficulties in life.

To treat others with sincerity, kindness, beauty and love. Love family, love work, love the company, love our country. Integrity is the lifeblood of an enterprise and the foundation of all values. Win-win happiness with employees and win-win development with suppliers. Win-win market with customers, win-win future with the world.