Henghe Town "Children enjoy Four seasons, Family and school together" public study activity

2022-11-05 08:00
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-Children enjoy four seasons at home and school-

Learning is endless, learning is an eternal topic, everyone needs to continue to learn, in addition to learning the "book with words", but also to learn the "book without words", such as parent-child interaction, family education.

Henghe Town conducts "Children Enjoy the Four Seasons" public welfare research activitity, as a derivative activity of off-campus study and family education, so that children and parents can read the "Book without words" happily and enhance parent-child relationship and mutual growth in practice.

On November 5, 2022, the launch meeting of this activity was held in Fuda Bearing Group.

Values have a long-term and far-reaching influence on children, so we should help children to set up a correct value from an early age. Study is one of the best and most intuitive ways for children to see the real world and experience the real way of life.

Henghe Town has established eight "Children Enjoy the Four Seasons" research bases, Fuda bearing group is one of them.

Sun Xuehong, chairwoman of Cixi City Women's Federation and Henghe Town Women's Federation attended the launch conference



The first "Children Enjoy the Four Seasons, Home and School Together" public study activity


Sun Xuehong, chairwoman of the Municipal Women's Federation, lectured on "Happy e Family" Family Education Lecture Hall


After the meeting,

Chairwoman of Women's Federation of Henghe Town of Cixi City, members of female entrepreneurs of Henghe Town,

Visit Party Construction Service Center of Fuda Bearing Group


The way to study lies in the view;

The road to growth lies in enlightenment.

So that our children can grow up in childhood on the road to study hard, adapt to the changing times, sharing the seasons.